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Terms of Reference

The Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services, in close collaboration with international organizations and other entities representing users’ interests, such as the IMO, IHO, ICS, IMSO, and other concerned organizations and bodies on maritime safety, search and rescue and marine pollution issues, including the GMDSS, shall:

  1. In support of the Maritime Safety, Efficiency, and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations:

    1. Monitor and review the operations of marine broadcast systems, including for the GMDSS and others for vessels not covered by the SOLAS Convention;

    2. Monitor and review technical and service quality standards for meteorological and oceanographic maritime safety information, particularly for the GMDSS, and provide assistance and support to Members/Member States as required;

    3. Propose actions as appropriate to meet requirements for international coordination of meteorological and related communication services;

    4. Develop technical advice and guidance material on Marine Meteorological Services, including keep under review the Manual on Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 558), the Guide on Marine Meteorological Services (WMO No. 471) and Weather Reporting - Information for Shipping (WMO-No. 9, Volume D) , and provide assistance and support to Members/Member States as required;

  2. In support of the Marine Pollution Emergency Response Support System (MPERSS):

    1. Monitor implementation and operations of MPERSS; review and suggest, as necessary, improvements to the contents of the overall system plan; (in consistency with MARPOL, and other international convections);

    2. Facilitate coordination and cooperation amongst the Area Meteorological and Oceanographic Coordinators (AMOCs) of MPERSS, in particular, with a view to ensuring full and ongoing operations in all areas, as well as the exchange of relevant advice, information, data and products between AMOCs, as appropriate and required;

  3. Monitor requirements by ensuring feedback from the user communities is obtained through appropriate and organized channels and applied to improve the relevance, effectiveness and quality of services;

  4. Liaise with and gather input from ETSI, ETWS and ETOOFS on all aspects of sea ice, sea state, storm surge and ocean circulation relevant to the operation and improvement of maritime safety services and maritime accident emergency support;

  5. Ensure effective coordination and cooperation with concerned organizations, bodies and Members/Member States on maritime safety issues and marine accident emergency support needs;

  6. Assist Members/Member States in the implementation of services and in the development of standardized methods for the quality assurance related to the provision of MSI, especially for the GMDSS, through capacity building activities;

  7. Develop, in accordance with existing standards (e.g. from IHO), graphical/numerical product specification for marine parameters, foremost wind, sea state, currents and sea ice, in Electronic Navigation Chart Systems (ENCs);

  8. Provide advice to the Services and Forecasting Systems Coordination Group and other JCOMM groups, as required, on issues related to maritime safety services and marine accident emergency support;

  9. Continue to liaise closely with relevant groups and teams of organizations, such as IMO, IHO, ICS, IMSO, EMSA, etc., to coordinate and improve maritime safety services, SAR and marine accident emergency support.

As a general principle, these terms of reference will be implemented through specific, defined, time-limited projects.

General Membership

The Membership will consist of a core membership of up to eight members, including the chairperson, selected to ensure an appropriate range of expertise in the provision of services for maritime safety and efficiency, SAR operations and marine pollution response.

Additional experts may be invited as appropriate, representative of a range of activities related to the implementation of services for maritime safety and efficiency, SAR operations and marine pollution response, as well as representatives of international organizations and other entities representing users’ interests, such as the IMO, IHO, ICS, IMSO, and other user groups, on a self-funded basis, and in general with no resource implications to JCOMM.

People in Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS)

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Neal MOODIE (leader)
National Manager - Marine Weather Services
Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
core member, chair Australia
Alicia CEJAS
Servicio Meteorológico Nacional
member Argentina
Giovanni COPPINI
Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change
member Italy
Lin MU
Division Chief
National Marine Data and Information Service
member China
Head of Marine Forecast division
Hydrometeorological Research Center of Russia, Moscow
member Russian Federation
Christian PAULMANN
German Weather Service
member Germany
Manager, Prediction and Training Section-Atlantic
core member, vice-chair Canada
Head of group
Finnish Meteorological Institute
core member Finland
Senior Scientist
Norwegian Meteorological Institute
core member Norway
Forecaster / Forecast Division
Japan Meteorological Agency, Tokyo
core member Japan

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