The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Management Committee (MAN)

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Terms of Reference

The Management Committee has the following terms of reference:

(a) Review and prioritize the short- and long-term planning of the work programme of JCOMM and advise on its implementation;

(b) Take all necessary actions to ensure that the JCOMM strategy, work programme and operating plan are aligned with and contribute directly to the WMO Strategic Plan and the UNESCO/IOC Medium-Term Strategy and their Expected Results, as well as with the respective Operating Plans;

(c) Assess the resources required for the implementation of the work programme, as well as approaches to identifying and mobilizing these resources;

(d) Coordinate and integrate the work of JCOMM, as implemented through the various subsidiary groups and expert teams;

(e) Coordinate and provide oversight for the capacity development and quality management activities undertaken within the three programme areas, as appropriate;

(f) Ensure that the JCOMM requirements for satellite and other remotely sensed ocean data are properly documented and communicated to the appropriate mechanisms of WMO and IOC, and to the satellite system operators, as required;

(g) Coordinate and integrate the work of JCOMM, as appropriate, with that of the other WMO technical commissions, IOC major subsidiary bodies and other programmes of WMO and IOC, and in particular initiate, coordinate and provide oversight for joint projects and activities with these bodies and programmes;

(h) Review the internal structure and working methods of the Commission, including its relationship to other bodies, both internal and external to WMO and IOC, develop proposals for modifications, and approve such modifications on an interim basis as required;

(j) Assess the implementation of activities and projects referred to JCOMM for action by WWW, WCP, GOOS, GCOS, IODE, DRR, GFCS and other programmes;

People in Management Committee (MAN)

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Nadia PINARDI (leader)
Co-president for Oceanography Italy
Johan STANDER (leader)
South African Weather Service
Co-president for Meteorology South Africa
Key Account Manager
Met Office
SCG chair United Kingdom
National Manager Quality Assurance and Governance
Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
Leader on QMF/QMS Australia
Senior Meteorologist
Kenya Meteorological Department
Leader on Capacity Development and on Requirements Kenya
Athanasia (Sissy) IONA
Data Management Programme Area Coordinator Greece
Chief, Climate Observations
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / Office...
Chair, Observations Coordination Group United States
Sergey BELOV
head of laboratory
All-Russian Research Institute Hydrometeorological...
  Russian Federation
Head, Oceanographic Data Centre
All-Russian Research Institute Hydrometeorological...
  Russian Federation

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