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Marine Climatology chapter of the Guide to Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 471)

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Summary Excerpt from the Marine Climatology Section (Section 6) of Guide to Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 471).
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Status Published on 22/05/15
Notes This is partly a reconstructed electronic document. An electronic (Word processing format) version of the latest Guide was not readily available, however this reconstruction includes changes that should reflect the latest version (WMO 2012). It includes changes adopted by JCOMM-3 and JCOMM-4, including Annex C.3 (IMMT) format, anticipated for publication by WMO in a next edition in 2014.
Reference: WMO, 2012: Guide to Marine Meteorological Services. WMO–No. 471), World Meteorological Organization, Geneva.
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