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Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme chapter of the Manual on Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 558)

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Summary All changes described below are included in the 2012 Edition of the Manual (WMO-No.558) that can be found at . See Part I, Chapters 5 to 7 and associated Appendices defining the Marine Climatology Summaries Scheme (MCSS).
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Status Published on 01/01/11
Notes This is partly a reconstructed electronic document. An electronic (Word processing format) version of the latest Manual was not readily available, however this reconstruction includes changes that should reflect that latest version (WMO 1990). Additionally, this reconstruction includes changes by JCOMM-3 and JCOMM-4 regarding the IMMT (Appendix I-13) format and MQCS (Appendix I-15) standard, anticipated for publication by WMO in the short term.

Additional note: As a continuing imaging project under the NOAA Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP), the original WMO (1990) and supplements (plus one amendment) issued since then are being imaged, seeking to fully preserve the recent evolution of the publication. Specifically four resultant pdf volumes are planned, with each succeeding pdf containing the latest supplement:
(1) image the original (1990)
(2) apply Suppl. (1; June 1995) and image that result
(3) apply Suppl. (2; April 1998) and image that result
(4) apply Suppl. (3; November 2002), then apply the undated 1-page AMENDMENT (received separately, but attached here before Suppl. 3; which requires marking three text sections by hand in ink), and image that result.
However, this has proven to be a non-trivial task (including requirements as noted for some manual changes), and illustrates a complex version control problem, apparently still not satisfactorily resolved, in the WMO publications process.

Reference: WMO, 1990: Manual on Marine Meteorological Services. WMO–No. 558, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva. Volume I (Global Aspects) and Volume II (Regional Aspects), including Supplements (June 1995, April 1998, and November 2002).
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