The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

[Working Documents] Data Management Programme Area

Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme chapter of the Manual on Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 558)
All changes described below are included in the 2012 Edition of the Manual (WMO-No.558) that can be found at . See Part I, Chapters 5 to 7 and associated Appendices defining the Marine Climatology Summaries Scheme (MCSS).
Marine Climatology chapter of the Guide to Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 471)
Excerpt from the Marine Climatology Section (Section 6) of Guide to Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 471).
Fourth Session of the JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.4 [Final]
WMO Information System (WIS) and Designation of Data Collection and Production Centres (DCPCS)
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.3 [Final]
JCOMM Data Management Practices: Achievements and Future Priorities
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.1 [FINAL]
JCOMM Data Management Programme Area: Standard Setting and Documentation
JCOMM-4/Doc.7 [Final]
JCOMM Data Management Programme Area: Achievements and Future Priorities
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-5, ETMC-III/Pres F-5
Needs of data and information on marine climatology: Overview and challenge (Indonesia case)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-4, ETMC-III/Pres F-4
Analyzed data products available from NCAR that support climate research
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-3, ETMC-III/Pres F-3
Climate monitoring based on satellite data of Deutscher Wetterdienst
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-2, ETMC-III/Pres F-2
Activities and issues for wave and storm surge climatology
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-1, ETMC-III/Pres F-1
Future web based dissemination technologies
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-5, ETMC-III/Pres E-5
CMDP Marine Preservation Activities
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-4, ETMC-III/Pres E-4
ICOADS Archive Practices at NCAR
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-3, ETMC-III/Pres E-3
Status of, and linkages with ICOADS
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-2, ETMC-III/Pres E-2
Impact of Pirates on Indian Ocean In-Situ Wind Stress Analyses
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-8,ETMC-III/Pres D-8
Activities of Responsible Members: USA
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-7,ETMC-III/Pres D-7
Activities of Responsible Members: United Kingdom
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-6,ETMC-III/Pres D-6
Activities of Responsible Members: the Netherlands
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-5,ETMC-III/Pres D-5
Activities of Responsible Members: Japan
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-4,ETMC-III/Pres D-4
Activities of Responsible Members: Hong Kong, China
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-2,ETMC-III/Pres D-2
Activities of the Global Collecting Centres
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-1,ETMC-III/Pres D-1
Activities of Responsible Members: Short overview of the MCSS, and reports by India and the Russian Federation
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-5,ETMC-III/Pres C-5
Results of the ETMC GTS comparison
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-4,ETMC-III/Pres C-4
The META-T Project and related metadata activities
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-3,ETMC-III/Pres C-3
IMOS - Australian Integrated Marine Observing System
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-2,ETMC-III/Pres C-2
European activities on oceanographic data and information management: The SeaDataNet initiative
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-1,ETMC-III/Pres C-1
The JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresB-2,ETMC-III/Pres B-2
Relevant Outcomes and Recommendations from OceanObs'09
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresB-1,ETMC-III/Pres B-1
Requirements for Marine Climatological Data and Services in support of GOOS and GCOS
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-4,ETMC-III/Pres A-4
Introductory Remarks from the ETMC Chairperson
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-3,ETMC-III/Pres A-3
Introductory Remarks from the Joint WMO-IOC Secretariat for JCOMM
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-2,ETMC-III/Pres A-2
Introductory Remarks from the DMPA Coordinator
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-1,ETMC-III/Pres A-1
Welcome and Introductory Remarks
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres6.1.3, ETMC-III/Pres 6.1.3
Proposal for "advanced" (bias adjusted) ICOADS
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres5.4, ETMC-III/Pres 5.4
Status of Modernization Proposal
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres5.1, ETMC-III/Pres 5.1
Overview from the Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres4.4, ETMC-III/Pres 4.4
Call sign ship masking
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres4.2, ETMC-III/Pres 4.2
BUFR and TDCs: ETMC Role
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres3.3, ETMC-III/Pres 3.3
Existing and potential linkages with the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres3.2, ETMC-III/Pres 3.2
ETMC-Related Recommendations Made at OceanObs09
Preliminary time table (summary)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_INF3.0, ETMC-III/INF. 3 rev. 2
Preliminary time table
Documentation plan
Documentation plan, ETMC-III
Information for visitors
Information for visitors, Melbourne, Australia, ETMC-III
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc7.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 7.1
Report by the Task Team on Marine-meteorological and Oceanographic Climatological Summaries (TT-MOCS)
This document provides information on the status of and proposals regarding the Task Team on Marine-meteorological and Oceanographic Climatological Summaries (TT-MOCS).
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc6.5, ETMC-III/Doc. 6.5 rev. 1
joint Activities of the JCOMM Expert Team on Marine Climatology (ETMC) and the Expert Team on wind Waves and Storm surges (ETWS)
This document provides information on existing and potential linkages with the JCOMM Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surges. Activities underway or planned include the development of the JCOMM Extreme Waves Data Base, the potential inclusion of wave summaries in ICOADS, the Pilot Project on Wave measurement Evaluation and Test (WET), and development of storm surge climatologies.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc6.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 6.1
Status of, and linkages with the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS)
This document reviews the status of the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS)—including the International Maritime Meteorological Archive (IMMA) format, which is in wide use for storing historical and contemporary marine data. Potential interoperability and convergence issues between IMMA and the International Maritime Meteorological Tape (IMMT) format are reviewed, including a discussion of proposed recommendations to be passed to TT-DMVOS. A planned initiative seeking to evolve ICOADS to a more advanced (bias adjusted) version is outlined, as well as potential linkages with satellite datastreams. Finally, the document discusses a proposal for a formal recognition of ICOADS, and potentially other centres, within WMO and IOC through JCOMM.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.3(2), ETMC-III/Doc. 5.3(2) rev. 1
Report by the Responsible Members (RMs)
This document contains reports by the Responsible Members contributing to the Marine climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS).
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.3(1), ETMC-III/Doc. 5.3(1)
This document contains the report of the Global Collecting Centres (GCCs) of the United Kingdom and Germany. The Team is invited to review the operation/activities of the GCCs, identify any deficiencies and consider possible further improvements of the data exchange system.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 5
Report by the Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data (TT-DMVOS)
This document contains an overview of the work and progress of the JCOMM cross cutting Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data (TT-DMVOS). It also contains details of (i) the newly adopted (at JCOMM-III) IMMT-IV & MQCS-VI, and (ii) the new proposals by the TT-DMVOS for the future Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS) data-flow, and the High Level Quality Control Standard (HQCS).
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc4.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 4.1 rev. 1
Comparison of GTS Data Streams
This document provides information on a comparison of three GTS data streams: from the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts ECMWF, for December 2007. For this study, it proved impractical to compare GTS data from a fourth data stream, from the UK Met Office, due to translation of the original SHIP (FM13) data into BUFR.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc4.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 4
Data and Metadata: Operational Flow
This document provides information on issues related to the operational flow of data and metadata related to marine climatology. In particular, this includes (i) BUFR encoding requirements and template development status for ship data and other marine data, (ii) processes currently used to modify some electronic logbooks, and to document, archive, and harmonize the computational algorithms, (iii) the current status of the hip masking issue related to the concerns expressed by ship owners and masters with regard to ship identification and position being made available via public websites, (iv) the status of the Publication No. 47 and future plans, (v) metadata issues including the status of the Ocean Data Acquisition Systems (ODAS) metadata system hosted by China, efforts across JCOMM to gather current and historical ODAS metadata to be included into this or other databases (e.g., Pub. 47 or JCOMMOPS), and discussion about the most appropriate place for managing the mobile offshore platforms and fixed platforms metadata.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.3, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.3
Existing and potential linkages with the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl)
This document provides information on existing and potential linkages with the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl). Currently, ETMC links only with the Joint CCl/CLIVAR/JCOMM Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices; outcomes from the latest ETCCDI meeting (Joint with ENSEMBLES-WP5.4; De Bilt, The Netherlands, 13-16 May 2008) are briefly reviewed. Potential new connections with CCl are also discussed.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.2, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.2
Data management expectations from the OceanObs'09 conference
This document summarizes the results of data management discussions at the OceanObs 09 conference (Venice, Italy, 21-25 September 2009). It indicates the expectations of the ocean community towards a global ocean data system, and presents the possible solutions that could be implemented. The data management community needs to take these into consideration and to choose implementation strategies that achieve community expectations.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.1
Review of the global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), and Global climate Observing System (GCOS) requirements for climatological data sets
This document provides information on requirements for climatological data sets from the WMO-IOC-UNEP-ICSU Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and the WMO-IOC-UNEP-ICSU Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). Possible actions for ETMC are suggested.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc2.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 2.1
Report by the ETMC Chairperson
This document contains a report by the Chairperson of the ETMC, providing brief background information on the Team, an update of recent intersessional activities, and discussion of selected future work priorities as agreed by the Third Session of JCOMM (Marrakech, Morocco, 4-11 November 2009).
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc2.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 2
Report by the Secretariat
This document provides information on the activities of the JCOMM Observations Programme Area (OPA), the Services and Forecasting Systems Programme Area (SFSPA), and the Data Management Programme Area (DMPA), of interest to ETMC. Of particular interest will be outcomes of the Third Session of JCOMM (JCOMM-III, Marrakech, Morocco, 4-11 November 2009) and the DMPA priorities for this JCOMM intersessional period.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc10.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 10.1
Terms of Reference of the ETMC
This document provides information on the new Terms of Reference of the JCOMM Expert Team on Marine Climatology as agreed upon at the third Session of JCOMM, Marrakech, Morocco, 4-11 November 2009.
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc1.2(2), ETMC-III/Doc. 1.2(2)
Annotated provisional agenda
Annotated provisional agenda, ETMC-III
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc1.2(1), ETMC-III/Doc. 1.2(1)
Provisional Agenda
Provisional Agenda, ETMC-III
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc8.1, DMCG-04-Doc-8.1
Data Management Implementation Plan - Review of content and actions
The document provides a review of the implementation progress of the Data Management Plan. Comments on the tasks and future actions for the realization of its objectives are also provided in order to be taking into consideration to the plan update.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc7.0, DMCG-04-Doc-7.0
Collaborations of the JCOMM Data Management Programme Area with the WMO and IOC
This document provides information on existing and potential collaborations between the DMPA and other JCOMM Programme Areas. It also addresses the linkages with WMO (WMO Information System, WMO Integrated Global Observing System, WMO Quality Management Framework, WMO Technical Commissions) and IOC (International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange) including the JCOMM/IODE ETDMP, IODE Ocean Data Portal, Joint Steering Group for the IODE Ocean Data Portal and the JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS, and JCOMM-IODE Ocean Data Standards Pilot Project.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc6.0, DMCG-04-Doc-6.0
Report on Education and Training, technology transfer, and implementation support
This document provides information on the outcome of JCOMM-III regarding education and training, technology transfer and implementation support. It also reviews progress on DMCG-III action items related to capacity building and lists capacity building activities implemented during the inter-sessional period.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc5.0, DMCG-04-Doc-5.0
Expected outcome of the second session of the ETDMP
This document provides information on the expected outcomes of the second Session of the joint JCOMM-IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices (ETDMP) which was held prior to this DMCG Session in Ostend, Belgium, from 6 to 7 April 2010. This second Session of ETDMP is expected to review its activities and workplan for this JCOMM intersessional period.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc4.0, DMCG-04-Doc-4.0
Chairperson’s Report for the Activities of the Third ETMC Session
This document provides information on the Third Session of the JCOMM Expert Team on Marine Climatology (ETMC-III), Melbourne, Australia, 8-12 February 2010. Major outcomes and actions are discussed in Appendix A, and additional ETMC background information is provided in Appendix B.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc3.2, DMCG-04-Doc-3.2
DMPA priorities from the third Session of JCOMM
This document provides information on the future priority activities for the next intersessional period for the Data Management Programme Area (DMPA), as decided at the third JCOMM Session (JCOMM-III), Marrakech, Morocco, 4-11 November 2009. It also includes some background information in the annexes on JCOMM-III decisions, and the progress/activity report on the DMPA as presented at JCOMM-III.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc3.1, DMCG-04-Doc-3.1
Review of action items from the third session of the DMCG
This document provides status information on action items agreed upon at the third Session of the JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group, Ostend, Belgium, 26-28 March 2008.
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc2.0, DMCG-04-Doc-2.0
Report by the Chairperson of the Data Management Coordination Group (DMCG)
The document provides information on the activities of the DMCG and the Expert Teams during the last intersessional period
Fifth Session of JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group
(discontinued) WMO-TD-0957, MMROA-REPORT-43,
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digitization and Preparation of Historical Marine Data and Metadata

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