The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

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WMO/TD-NO.1219, GCOS-92
Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of the UNFCC
WMO Sea-Ice Nomenclature, volumes I, II and III
This document provides snapshot of the WMO Sea Ice Nomenclature (WMO No. 259, volume 1 – Terminology and Codes, Volume II – Illustrated Glossary and III – International System of Sea-Ice Symbols) by March 2014 (5th Session of JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice)
January 2017
Wave Forecast inter-comparison against in-situ observations from December 2016 to February 2017
The Partnership for New GEOSS Applications (PANGEA)
The Partnership for new GEOSS Applications (PANGEA) is a concept developed by the Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) with the goal to develop partnership between developed and developing countries to realize the socio-economical benefits of ocean observing systems at global and regional scales.
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Netherlands Antilles, RMIC1-Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Morocco, RMIC1-Morocco
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Guatemala, RMIC1-Guatemala
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_French West Indies, RMIC1-French West Indies
French West Indies
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Costa Rica, RMIC1-Costa Rica
Costa Rica
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_China, RMIC1-China
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Canada, RMIC1-Canada
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Bahamas, RMIC1-Bahamas
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_19, RMIC1-19
Data Dissemination
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_18, RMIC1-18
Wave Quality Control
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_17, RMIC1-17
Ocean Sensor Quality Control
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_16, RMIC1-16
Integration of various types of platforms into one
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_15, RMIC1-15
Data Quality Control
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_14, RMIC1-14
International Data Assembly Center
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_13, RMIC1-13
Operation and Maintenance of Marine Observing Systems #2
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_12, RMIC1-12
Operation and Maintenance of Marine Observing Systems
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_11, RMIC1-11
Marine systems and instruments: Data acquisition, control, and logging systems
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_10, RMIC1-10
Marine systems and instruments: Communication systems
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_09, RMIC1-9
Marine systems and instruments: power systems
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_08, RMIC1-8
Marine systems and instruments: moorings
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_07, RMIC1-7
Marine systems and instruments: platforms
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_06, RMIC1-6
Support Systems for Marine Programmes, QA management, Change Management and logistics
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_05, RMIC1-5
Standards, Capabilities, and procedures for calibration and testing
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_04. RMIC1-4
General information and vocabulary used in marine instrumentation
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_03, RMIC1-3
Engineering, Operations, facility tour
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_02, RMIC1-2
JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_01, RMIC1-1
Time table, SOT-V
Time table, SOT-V
Documentation plan, SOT-V
Documentation plan, SOT-V
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/5.1, SOT-V-Doc-IV-5.1
Partnerships and the integration of other programmes with the SOOP
This document is addressing how other programmes such as the Oleander Project, the IOCCP (pCO2 transects), and Argo, could cooperate with the SOOP in terms of: (i.) information exchange on common issues such as satellite data telecommunication, GTS, instrumentation and best practices; and (ii.) programme implementation such as logistics, ship recruitment and assistance with deployment opportunities.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/4.0, SOT-V-Doc- IV-4
Issues for the SOOP
This document provides information on potential future requirements of the SOOP Implementation Panel.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/3.0, SOT-V-Doc- IV-3
SOOP Monitoring and Data Management
This document provides for (i) a report by the JCOMM in situ Observing Platform Support Centre (JCOMMOPS) regarding the operations and development of the JCOMMOPS in general, (ii) the development and operations of the SOOP metadata (ship and equipment) database, and (iii) the activities of the Global Temperature and Salinity Profile Programme (GTSPP), the Coriolis data centre regarding global temperature data distribution, as well as of the Global Ocean Surface Underway Data Pilot Project (GOSUD).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/2.6, SOT-V-Doc- IV-2.6
Report on the Argo programme
This document provides for an overview of the current, status of the Argo Pilot Project and the challenges it faces.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/2.0, SOT-V-Doc-IV-2
SOOP Programme Implementation
This document provides information in the SOOP Programme Implementation issues, including (i)the status of the current sampling programme, (ii) a review of real-time and delayed-mode data transmission systems being used for the collection of SOOP data, including XBT data in particular, (iii) a review of XBT transect responsibilities, (iv) the status of the common fund for ship consumables which is providing Member States with a mechanism to pool financial resources for international programmes and thereby take advantage of increased purchasing power, and (v) operational XBT systems and development including the results and recommendations form the XBT fall rate equation workshop (Miami, Florida, USA, 10-12 March 2008), and the use, and further development of XBT auto-launchers.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/1.1, SOT-V-Doc-IV-1.1
Report by the Chairperson of the SOOP Implementation Panel (SOOPIP)
This document includes the report by the SOOPIP Chairperson on activities undertaken during the intersessional period.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.5, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.5
Review of VOS Classes
This document provides information on existing VOS Classifications, and seeks to get each VOS ship assigned with the correct classification. It also introduces a new Classification for VOSClim ships and ships with AWS.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.4
Technology Challenges
This document is addressing technology challenges for the VOS. It includes the SOT’s participation in the IMO Correspondence Group on AIS (Automatic Identification System) Binary Messages, Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), the implications of the European Union’s restrictions on the use and transportation of Mercury (replacing Mercury-in-glass thermometers), and solutions to address the lack of floppy drive facilities in some PCs and some Inmarsat terminals.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.3
Proposed ship identification number for VOS
This document proposed the introduction of a unified Ship ID to replace the ship’s ITU call sign in real-time and delayed-mode observations.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.2,SOT-V-Doc- III-4.2
IMO- Report on WMO/IMO actions, progress on MSC circular and other relevant issues to the Team
This document provides information on activities undertaken in liaison with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This includes, in particular, the revision of MSC No. 1017, the Marine Meteorological Services Monitoring Programme and the expansion of the Global Maritime Safety Services and the World-Wide Navigational Warning Services into Arctic waters.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.1, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.1
Report on the VOS Climate Project, status, results, and implications for the wider VOS
This document provides information on the status of the VOS Climate Project (VOSClim) as compared to the project’s target (250 ships, recording of the additional elements). It is also assessing the results and lessons learned and address implications for the wider VOS. This document should be read in conjunction with the report of the Task Team on the VOSClim Project, which recommends that the project status should be discontinued, and that VOS Climate ships should be fully integrated within the existing VOS Scheme. It proposes criteria that should apply for ships to be upgraded from selected VOS standards to VOS Climate standards.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.6, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.6
Report by the VOSClim Data Acquisition Centre (DAC)
This report, by the National Climatic Data Center (acting as the DAC for the VOS Climate Project), provides information on the present status of the DAC activities in accordance with its Terms of Reference. It includes information on the status of the project website, including the collection and provision of real-time and delayed-mode observation data, metadata, ship listings and other project information.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.5, SOT-V-Doc- III-3.5
Review of the Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS)
This document provides a general review of the current status and future plans, emerging from the Data Management Program Area (DMPA) and its Expert Team on Marine Climatology (ETMC), for the Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS). These plans include the work undertaken by two new task teams: the cross-cutting Task Team on Delayed-Mode Voluntary Observing Ship Data (TT-DMVOS), and ETMC’s Task Team on Marine-meteorological and Oceanographic Climatological Summaries (TT-MOCS).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.4
Global Collecting Centres (GCCs) report on the VOS and the VOSClim
This document presents the 2008 Global Collecting Centre Annual Report and possible changes to the GCCs. It includes a status on the volume and frequency of delayed-mode data being forwarded to the VOSClim Project Data Assembly Centre. It also provides information on how masking schemes implemented per WMO Executive Council Resolution 27 (EC LIX) - both SHIP and MASK - had impacted on their operations.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.3
ASAP Quality Control monitoring reports
This document contains the report by (i) ECMWF on the monitoring of the quality of ASAP data, and (ii) the ASAP monitoring centre which was established by Météo France, as agreed at the Seventh Session of the ASAP Co-ordination Committee (ACC, the ancestor of the ASAP Panel).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.0, SOT-V-Doc-III-3
Monitoring and Data Management (RSMC and VOSClim RTMC reports)
This document provides information on the data quality monitoring conducted by the Met Office (RSMC Exeter, UK). The document also provides a status report on the progress made by the the VOSClim Real Time Monitoring Centre (RTMC) since SOT-IV and requests the meeting to take decisions on monitoring issues (the Met Office (UK) agreed to act as the RTMC at VOSClim-II).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-D, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-D
Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix D
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-C, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-C
Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix C
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-B, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-B
Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix B
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-A, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-A
Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix A
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5
Metadata and reporting tools
This document provides information on VOS metadata collection and reporting tools developed to assist VOSP members.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.4
Monitoring Tools
This document summarises the tools available for the VOS Programme Managers and Port Meteorological Officers (PMOs) to use to monitor VOS data.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.3
Port Meteorological Officers (PMOs)
At SOT-IV, the VOS Panel again reinforced the view that Port Meteorological Officers play an important role in all of the observing programs of the SOT. In terms of the VOS Scheme, they play a vital role in maintaining the strength of the VOS Scheme, as well as contributing to the volume and frequency of accurate observations. This document reviews the status of PMO Global network and summarizes the Port Meteorological Officers Roles and Responsibilities.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.2, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.2
Report on the E-SURFMAR VOS Technical Advisory Group
This document contains the report on E-SURFMAR Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) activities.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.1, SOT-V-Doc- III-2.1
VOS Automation and electronic Logbook software
This document provides up to date information regarding the status of global VOS automation, as well as on recent developments regarding electronic logbook software (e.g., TurboWin, SEAS and ObsJMA).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/1.1, SOT-V-Doc- III-1.1
Report by the VOSP Chairperson
This document describes the activities undertaken by the VOS Panel Chairperson during the last intersessional period and highlights the significant issues for the VOSP-VI.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc02, SOT-V-Doc-II
Programme of the scientific and technical workshop
This document provides for the scientific and technical workshop programme and abstracts of presentations. The theme for the workshop will be new initiatives and/or new developments in shipboard meteorological or oceanographic instrumentation, observing practices, data management procedures, quality control and ocean products.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/7.0, SOT-V-Doc-I-7
Organizational matters
This document provides for a review of the SOT Management Team (including the role of the SOT Technical Co-ordinator), funding issues (SOT Technical Co-ordinator, Ship Consumables Trust Fund, ASAP Trust Fund), the Terms of Reference of the SOT, and the status of ASAP Panel.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/6.0, SOT-V-Doc-I-6
Programme Promotion and Information Exchange
This document provides information on programme promotion and information exchange, including (i) the SOT Annual Reports, (ii) SOT, VOS, VOSClim, SOOPIP, ASAP, and JCOMMOPS websites, (iii) Focal Point mailing lists, and (iv) publications and brochures.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.3, SOT-V-Doc-I-5.3
WMO Integrated Global Observing Systems (WIGOS)
This document provides information on the WIGOS Pilot Project for JCOMM and the role that the SOT should play in this framework.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.2(2), SOT-V-Doc- I-5.2(2)
Review of satellite data telecommunication systems
This document provides an overview of the current status of mobile satellite systems relevant to SOT operations and data collection activities.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.2(1), SOT-V-Doc- I-5.2(1)
Telecommunication Facilities
This document includes reports by the INMARSAT, Argos, and Iridium on the status and operational use of channels allocated for data transmission via geostationary, polar orbiting, low earth orbit, and meteorological satellites respectively.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-5.1
JCOMMOPS and the future OPSC
This document provides for up-to-date information regarding the process for developing an Observing Programme Support Centre (OPSC) to develop the capabilities and safeguard the future of the current JCOMMOPS.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/4.0, SOT-V-Doc- I-4
Report by the Task Teams
This document provides for the reports of the Chairpersons of the SOT Task Teams.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.2, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.2
Report on associated programmes
This document includes reports from associated programmes or projects, including a report of the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP) and its relationship with the SOT; a report of the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS); a report on the Global High Resolution SST Pilot Project (GHRSST); a report on the Ferrybox Project; a report on the SeaKeepers Society; a report on the Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT); a report on the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Panel on the use of merchant marine vessels for instrumented oceanographic surveys, and its potential relationship with the SOT; and a report on the Oceanoscientific Campaign regarding the making of observations from a sailing race. Feedback will be requested from the SOT on areas of common interest and potential common actions.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.4, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.1.4
Platform/Instrument metadata requirements and META-T
This document provides information on requirements for platform/instrument metadata, and activities of the Water Temperature Instrument/Platform Metadata Pilot Project (META-T). It is reporting on progress and proposing the way forward for active participation of the SOT in related activities.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.3, SOT-V-Doc-I-3.1.3
Rolling Review of Requirements
This document is proposing how to address non-climate requirements as part of the JCOMM OPA Observing System Implementation Goals. Such requirements include Global and Regional Numerical Weather Prediction, Synoptic Meteorology, and Ocean Applications as considered through the WMO CBS Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR). The goal of this document is to look at the results from the RRR and extract priority ocean variables for JCOMM to address as part of the OPA Observing System Implementation Goals.
Use of VOS data in climate products
This document provides an overview of scientific requirements regarding the use of VOS data in climate products.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.1.1
Report by the Ocean Observing Panel for Climate (OOPC)
This document provides information on requirements and advice for ship-based observations from the GCOS-GOOS-WCRP Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.5, SOT-V-Doc-I-2.5
Report by the SOT Technical Coordinator
This document contains the reports of the former Technical Coordinator and of the new Technical Coordinator for the SOT, covering her and his activities on behalf of the Team during the periods 1 April 2007 to 1 January 2009 and February 2009 to 31 March 2009 respectively.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.4, SOT-V-Doc-I-2.4
Review of action items from the fourth Session of the SOT
This document provides for a review of the action items that arose from the fourth Session of the SOT.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.3, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.3
Report by the SOT Chairperson
This document contains a brief report by Mr Graeme Ball, Chairperson of the SOT, regarding his activities in support of the SOT during the past intersessional period. The document also provides a status on action items requiring attention by the Chairperson of the SOT.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.2, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.2
Report by the JCOMM OPA Coordinator
This document contains a report from the JCOMM Observations Programme Area (OPA) Coordinator, outlining goals and progress made towards: achieving global coverage by the in situ networks, system-wide monitoring and performance reporting, and funding to meet implementation targets.
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.1
Report by the Secretariat
This document provides information on actions taken since the fourth session of the SOT, and on decisions and priorities by both WMO and IOC executive bodies and emerging topics that SOT should be aware related to activities under the JCOMM Observations Programme Area (OPA), the Data Management Programme Area (DMPA), and the Services Programme Area (SPA).
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/1.2(2)-rev.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-1.2(2) REV. 1
Annotated provisional agenda, SOT-V
Annotated provisional agenda, fifth Session of the JCOMM Ship Observations Team, Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22 May 2009
National Reports
This document provides for information regarding the National Reports covering the year 2008 and submitted by Members/Members states to the Secretariat before 31 March 2009. The National Reports are to be included in the SOT Annual report for 2008.
OPA_OceanSITES_meeting_OceanSITES02_01, OceanSITES DMII
OceanSITES 2nd Data Management Team meeting
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc7.0(3), OCG-III/Doc. 7(3)
JCOMM OPA Draft Operating Plan
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc7.0(2), OCG-III/Doc. 7(2)
Issues to be raised at the intergovernmental level
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc4.3, OCG-III/Doc. 4.3
Instrument Best Practices and Standards
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc3.1(1), OCG-III/Doc. 3.1(1)
Challenges and Issues for the VOS and ASAP
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc1.0-rev.3, OCG-III/Doc.1 rev. 3
JCOMM OCG-III Provisional Agenda
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T23, DBCP-26-S&T-23
Proper Data Management Responsibilities to Meet the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Requirements
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T22, DBCP-26-S&T-22
A “TAO” Hybrid for the Indian Ocean
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T21, DBCP-26-S&T-21
Highlights of the NOAA TAO Program’s Technology Refresh Project
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T20, DBCP-26-S&T-20
Examining the Long Term Stability of Sea Surface Temperature Measurements made by Drifting Buoys
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T19, DBCP-26-S&T-19
GHRSST Science activities and its interest in SST measurements from drifting buoys
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T18, DBCP-26-S&T-18
The Burn Release Drifter
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T17, DBCP-26-S&T-17
Partnerships for New GEOSS Applications (PANGEA)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T16, DBCP-26-S&T-16
Scientific Results using a Decade of Data Collected by the PNBOIA Program in the South Atlantic
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T15, DBCP-26-S&T-15
Results from Drifter Comparison Study conducted in 2010 and other DAC activities
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T14, DBCP-26-S&T-14
Drogue and Transmitter Lifetime Evaluation
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T13, DBCP-26-S&T-13
Argos 3: Experiences with Drifter Data Quality and Management
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T12, DBCP-26-S&T-12
Upgrading the Argos Real-Time Antenna Network: Plans and Impacts
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T11, DBCP-26-S&T-11
The Korean Ocean Gate Array Project
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T10, DBCP-26-S&T-10
Real-time services for the provision of meteorological data
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T09, DBCP-26-S&T-09
JouBeh Technologies – an Iridium Satellite Valued Added Reseller dedicated to Environmental Data Collection
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T08, DBCP-26-S&T-08
Highlights of the NOAA TAO Program’s Technology Refresh Project
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T07, DBCP-26-S&T-07
The CMR Unmanned Ocean Vessel
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T06, DBCP-26-S&T-06
Efficient and Affordable High Volume Data Telemetry Iridium RUDICS for Ocean Observing Systems
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T05, DBCP-26-S&T-05
A Wind Profiling Platform for Offshore Wind Measurements and Assessment
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T04, DBCP-26-S&T-04
Technical Developments in 2009-2010 according to the DBCP Pilot Projects Plans
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T03, DBCP-26-S&T-03
Oceanographic Sensor Results from the Wave Glider
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T02, DBCP-26-S&T-02
Evaluations from the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) Global Drifter Program (GDP)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T01, DBCP-26-S&T-01
Great Race: the study of tidal race using miniature drifters
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T00, DBCP-26-S&T-00
Scientific and Technical Workshop, Welcome
OPA_DBCP_general_TrainingCourse_01, DBCP-CB-2007
Summary, Training Course on Buoy Programme Implementation and data Management, Ostend, Belgium, 11-15 June 2007
Summary, Training Course on Buoy Programme Implementation and Data Management IOC Project Office for IODE, Ostend, Belgium 11-15 June, 2007
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_03, DBCP-26/Nat-rpt-fmt
Template and format for National Reports to DBCP
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_02, DBCP-26-Workshop-Prog
Programme for the Scientific and Technical Workshop
Programme for the Scientific and Technical Workshop, Oban, 27 September 2010
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_01, DBCP-2010-workshop
Announcement, DBCP Scientific and Technical Workshop, Oban, UK, 27 September 2010
The Scientific and Technical Workshop preceding the annual Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) meetings has become an important forum for stimulating discussion among data buoy operators, designers, and data users. The twenty-sixth session of the DBCP (DBCP-XXVI) will be hosted by the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS), held at the William Speirs Bruce lecture theatre, and will begin Monday, 27 September 2010 and end on the same day.
The WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)
This document provides an overview of the development of the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) concept as well as the JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template26.1, DBCP-WIO Template 26.1
Template for National perspective on buoy programme implementation (Country)
Template presentation for National perspective on buoy programme implementation (Country) (Agenda item 26.1)
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template/Trainers, DBCP-WIO Template-Trainers
Template for presentations (trainers)
Template of presentations for the trainers
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template/NatRpt, DBCP-WIO Template NatRpt
Template for national reports
Template for national reports (10 minutes maximum)
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_02, DBCP-WIO Buoy programme implementation perspective
National perspective on buoy programme implementation
This is a presentation to complete by the moderator on "National perspective on buoy programme implementation" at the meeting based on the input from the national reports and the corresponding discussion.
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_01, DBCP-WIO Buoy implementation
Buoy programme implementation
This presentation provides an overview of how to implement a buoy programme, including requirements and design aspects, budget considerations, and practical deployment aspects.
JCOMM Observations Programme Area (OPA) Implementation Goals
The Observations Programme Area (OPA) is primarily responsible for coordinating and facilitating the development and maintenance of in situ and ground-based remote sensing observation networks (moored and drifting buoys, all ship-based systems, tide gauge networks, and others as appropriate), as well as their related telecommunication facilities, and their coordination with space-based observational networks. This document provides for JCOMM goals regarding the implementation of these observing systems, primarily addressing the needs expressed in the ocean chapter of the Global Climate Observing System Implementation Plan (GCOS-92), which provides specific implementation targets for building and sustaining an initial global ocean system. This baseline of systematic observations called for by the GCOS-92 Plan is designed to meet climate requirements. However, in addition to meeting climate requirements for the ocean, marine services in general will be improved by its implementation. The system will support other applications including global and regional numerical weather prediction, global and coastal ocean prediction, marine hazards warning, marine environmental monitoring, naval applications and many other non-climate uses.
Draft Agenda OCG-8
JCOMM-TR-047, WMO/TD-NO.1466, IOC-NO.208, IOC Workshop Report No.208
Final report of the JCOMM Technical Workshop on Wave Measurements from Buoys (2 - 3 October 2008, New York)
New York City, USA, 2-3 October 2008
JCOMM-MR-54, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP23_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 23rd Session
JCOMM-MR-084, OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT-VI-Final-Report
Ship Observations Team, 6th Session
Hobart, Australia, 11-15 April 2011
JCOMM-MR-079, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 26th session
Oban, United Kingdom, 27-30 September 2010
JCOMM-MR-077, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP25_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 25th session
Paris, France, 28 September - 1 October 2009
JCOMM-MR-063, OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT5_01
Ship Observation Team, 5th Session
Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22 May 2009
JCOMM-MR-061, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP24_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 24th session
Cape Town, South Africa, 13 to 16 October 2008
JCOMM-MR-054, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP23_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 23rd Session
Jeju, Republic of Korea, 15-19 October 2007
JCOMM-MR-042, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP22_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 22nd Session
La Jolla, USA, 16-20 October 2006
JCOMM-MR-040, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DUTW_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel Data Users and Technology Workshop
Reading, UK, 27 March 2006
JCOMM-MR-039, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP21_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 21st session
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 17-21 October 2005
JCOMM-MR-033, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP20_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 20th session
Chennai, India, 18-22 October 2004
JCOMM-MR-026, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP19_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 19th session
Angra dos Reis, 22-24 October 2003
JCOMM-MR-018, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP18_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 18th session
Trois Ilets, La Martinique, France, 14-18 October 2002
JCOMM-MR-008, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP17_01
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 17th session
Perth, Australia, 22-26 October 2001
JCOMM-4/Doc.6.3 [FINAL]
Coordinated Technical Support for Observing System Programmes (JCOMMOPS)
JCOMM-4/Doc.6.2 [Final]
Instruments and Methods of Observation
The final document is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic pending other language versions.
JCOMM Regional Instrument Centre Coordination Group Meeting
National Reports
This documents provides for the reports on national activities during the last intersessional period
(discontinued) WMO-TD-0957, MMROA-REPORT-43,
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digitization and Preparation of Historical Marine Data and Metadata
Draft Draft Agenda OCG-8 March 2017
Pending Agenda: 5th Session Global HF Radar Network
Survey Questionnaire to Assess Forecasting and Observing Capacities of the National Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic Services to support Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems
This Survey Questionnaire has been developed by WMO Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in preparation of the Technical Meeting for Strengthening Regional Cooperation to Support Forecasting with Multi-Hazard Approach in RA IV, George Town, Cayman Islands, 7 March 2011. This Questionnaire will be used for the preparations, presentations and discussions on National Services capacities and requirements for coastal hazards, during the 6th Workshop for Storm Surge and Wave Forecasting
GO-SHIP 4 Agenda
Draft OCG-8 PPT Template
30 Note scientifique sur l'expédition océanographique au large du Mexique PARISUB
Draft OCG-8 Report Template

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