The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

[Working Documents] Documents under Review

1 MAN-11/BM.5.1: A Strategy for JCOMM (15/05/15)
Co-President and Management Committee
2012 - 2017 Strategy, reviewed June 2014. Cleaned for printing Jan 2015. V3 2013-2016...
2 JCOMM Capacity Development Principles (28/03/12)
Management Committee and Secretariats
3 JCOMM Brochure (30/09/10)
Introduction/Information about JCOMM
4 SPAWP: SPA workplan (25/11/09)
SPA Coordinator
Intersessional Workplan for Services and Forecasting Systems Programme Area (2009-2012)
5 GOOS-study: Planning and Implementation for GOOS (06/10/09)
Dr James Baker
A Consultant Study prepared for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the World...
6 OCG-III/Doc. 4.2: DRAFT JCOMM Observing System Implementation Goals (08/03/09)
Clark, Secretariat
7 OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc7.0(3), OCG-III/Doc. 7(3): JCOMM OPA Draft Operating Plan (11/02/09)
8 JCOMM-TR-040 REV2, WMO/TD-NO.1426: JCOMM Data Management Plan (Rev. 2) (25/11/08)
A main goal of this DMPlan is to explain how data management can be conducted under the present...
9 DBCP Brochure (2 pages)
H Viola
2 page DBCP Brochure for final review
10 DBCP-31 working doc Tsunameter Guidelines: Tsunameter Equipment Performance Standards and Guidelines
DBCP International Tsunami Partnership (ITP)
11 558 WWNWS Support chapter V4
12 JCOMM-OP: JCOMM Operating Plan
Management Committee

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