The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

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[Official JCOMM Publication] JCOMM Meeting Report Series

[Official JCOMM Publication] JCOMM Session Reports
Final Reports of JCOMM Regular Sessions

[Official JCOMM Publication] JCOMM Technical Report Series (including old MMROA)

[Official JCOMM Publication] Met-Ocean related, non-JCOMM Final Meeting Reports

[Official JCOMM Publication] DBCP Technical Report Series

[Official Publication] Manuals and Guides

[Working Documents] Documents under Review

[Working Documents] Observations Programme Area

[Working Documents] Services Programme Area

[Working Documents] Data Management Programme Area

JCOMM Joint Circular Letters
Letters issued jointly by the WMO and IOC Secretariats on matters requiring JCOMM Member/Member State action.

[Official Publication] DBCP Session Reports prior to 2001
Final reports of DBCP Sessions prior to 2001 (see JCOMM Meeting Report series for reports as of 2001)

JCOMM newsletter
JCOMM Newsletter is for communication and updates in JCOMM and relevant communities. Please offer and share information for future issues to the IOC-WMO Joint Secretariat (

ETOOFS-GOV relation discussion

WMO-IOC JCOMM Sea-Ice Regulatory Documents
Document list contains acting versions of the WMO-IOC JCOMM regulatory material related to sea-ice terminology, ice navigation and safety services, products exchange and presentation including ENC/ECDIS

Marine Meteorological Monitoring Survey Results
In order to monitor the effectiveness of the weather and sea bulletins produced and transmitted by Meteorological Services, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) conducts a biennial survey of users of Maritime Safety Information. The surveys aim to improve the World-wide Met-ocean Information and Warning Service (WWMIWS). Reports from each survey wave are prepared by the JCOMM Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS). The International Hydrographical Organisation (IHO) conducts a survey of users to assess the effectiveness of the World-wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS). The WMO and IHO share the results with each other to improve on common elements. The reports for previous surveys are listed below.

Manual 558
Review of this Manual

Manual 558 Review
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