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OceanSITES is an international program to coordinate a global system of long-term, deepwater reference stations measuring dozens of variables and monitoring the full depth of the ocean from air-sea interactions down to 5,000 meters.

Structure and Membership

The OceanSITES team comprises:

  • a Steering Committee (People in the OceanSITES Steering Committee are here).
  • a Data Management Team (People in the OceanSITES Data Management Team are here).
  • many Principal Investigators for the sites and
  • many Data Managers maintaining Data Assembly Centers (DAC) and two Global Data Assembly Centers (GDAC)
  • a Project Office at JCOMMOPS

General Information


25-26 March 2010, Paris, France (Data Management Team only)

17-19 September 2009, Venice, Italy 


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