The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology



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The primary objective of the DBCP is to maintain and coordinate all components of the network of over 1250 drifting buoys and 400 moored buoys, which provides measurements such as sea-surface temperature, surface current velocity, air temperature and wind speed and direction, to be used directly by forecasters and researchers and additionally can be used to complement or validate remotely-sensed data and operational models. More information is available here

DBCP Monthly Map (showing Countries)



The DBCP meets annually and comprises:

  • buoy operators from many nations and regions (members of WMO or member states of IOC)
  • buoy manufacturers
  • data managers
  • researchers
  • telecommunications providers
  • plus representatives of JCOMM and other related programs.

It has a Chair and several Regional Vice-Chairs and is supported by a Technical Coordinator, to provide a focal point for international cooperation. It has an Executive Board, several Action Groups and Task Teams.

The Terms of Reference and a full list of DBCP participants is available here (ToR). The Terms of Reference of the DBCP Technical Coordinator are available here.

All IOC and WMO member states are invited to participate in the DBCP. Panel membership is also open to all other interested parties.



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