The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Cookbook for Submitting Data in Real Time and In Delayed Mode

A number of national, regional and international programmes are collecting oceanographic and marine meteorological data either in project funded activities or in a monitoring mode. Some of these data are contributed to the international data systems and so become readily available either in real-time or delayed mode to other researchers. But, another fraction of these observations are accumulated in home institutions and are delayed or sometimes never reach the international community.

Those data that can be sent shortly after collection can contribute to real-time data exchange and thereby support the development of operational meteorological and oceanographic services. Those that arrive in delayed mode improve the base archives used to develop climatologies, extend time series, and contribute to studies of climate change, among other activities. Because of the paucity of marine data, all observations are valuable.

The intent of this document is to provide a practical resource to those who collect oceanographic and marine meteorological data to facilitate contribution of the data to the international community. The focus is on in-situ, directly observed measurements, rather than on remote sensing data (e.g. from satellites).  The approach taken here is to provide several brief, informative primers on the data types covered in this document, example activities that use the data, and then on the pathways and protocols for submitting data, both in real time and in delayed mode.  These primers are followed by “cookbooks” that provide the detailed procedures to provide data.

This document will be maintained electronically with additions made as required. The intent is to have frequent refreshes and additions to the recipes as users provide feedback and additional inputs.  Please send input via email to (JCOMM-Ops point of contact or other?).  This document will be kept up to date and available on the JCOMM-Ops web page (http: insert write URL).

The "Cookbook" is still in draft form at this point. It is planned to present it to the third session of JCOMM, Marrakech, Morrocco, November 2009. Once published, the cookbook will be available here from this web site.


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