The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Data Systems Relevant to JCOMM Activities


JCOMM-4 charged OPA, in cooperation with the DMPA, to "promote  the establishment and publication of access routes to the authoritative data sets for the observing system elements under its coordination."  There is also "the challenge of data a first step towards developing actions" as articulated by the GOOS Steering Committee.  This report, prepared by R.K. Keeley (retired, and former JCOMM DMPA Coordinator), addresses these challenges in a comprehensive manner, documenting existing practices and making a comprehensive set of recommendations for the community to consider over the coming years to improve the real-time accessibility to data associated with JCOMM OPA activities.

  Data Systems Relevant to JCOMM activities (full report)
  Record of changes
Part 1 Work Description
Part 2:  An Analysis by Observing System 
2.1  Ship Observations Team (SOT) 
2.1a SOT - SOOP XBT and XCTD 
2.1b SOT - SOOP Underway Data
2.1c SOT - VOS
2.2 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP)
2.2a DBCP - Surface Drifters
2.2b DBCP - Tropical Moorings (TIP)
2.2c DBCP – OceanSITES
2.4 Argo
Part 3 An analysis By ECV
3.1 Air Pressure (at surface)
3.2 Air Temperature (at surface)
3.3 Colour of Dissolved Organic Matter - CDOM
3.4 Clouds Properties
3.5 Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC)
3.6 Air Specific Humidity (at surface)
3.7 Irradiance
3.8 Surface and Subsurface Ocean Velocity
3.9 pCO2
3.10 Ocean Salinity
3.11 Sea Level
3.12 Sea Surface Salinity
3.13 Sea Surface Temperature
3.14 Ocean Temperature
3.15 Waves
3.16 Winds
Part 4 Concluding Remarks and Recommendations



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