The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Data Management Programme Area (DMPA)

The primary objective of the JCOMM Data Management Programme Area (DMPA) is to implement and maintain a fully integrated end-to-end data management system across the entire marine meteorology and oceanographic community. Additionally the programme area will offer its expertise to assist other groups (e.g. OOPC) to specify and implement their own data management requirements, with the overall goal of integrating their data management into the overall end-to end data management system.

    The JCOMM Data Management Plan
Cookbook for Submitting Data in Real Time and In Delayed Mode ("data cookbook")

 » IODE Ocean Data Portal (ODP)
 » WMO Informaton System (WIS) - Real-time, delayed mode, DAR
 » Global Telecommunication System (GTS) - Real-time (time critical)
 »  Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS)
 » Metadata
     - Discovery metadata
     - Platform/instrument metadata
 » List of ocean data systems

    Activities of ETDMP     Activities of ETMC

» End to end Data Management (E2E)
» The JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS
» Ocean Data Standards process

» Activities
»Task Team on the Marine Climate Data System (TT-MCDS)


» Cross cutting Task Team on Table Driven Code forms (TT-TDC)
» Cross cutting Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data (TT-DMVOS)
» Water Temperature Platform/Instrument Metadata (META-T)
» Quality Management
» Ocean Data Standards process
Data Systems Relevant to JCOIMM activities



 » IOC International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)
 » OceanTeacher
» Ocean Data Standards
 »  WMO Education and Training Programme
 »  DMPA Documents
 »  JCOMM Publications


DMPA Work Plan (dashboard) »

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