The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

[working document] 2012-2017 SFSPA Projects and Work Plans for the Intersessional Period

(Upon the decisions at JCOMM-IV, May 2012; and update at SCG-7, March 2013)


Green – Project outcomes achieved by JCOMM-V     White – Completion time line to be determined
Yellow – Possible to achieve the outcomes by JCOMM-V     Blue – Lead by other PAs/Organization


Workplan / expected outcome, deliverables

How (Key Activities/Actions)

Lead (bold) Members


Associated meetings (discussion item in)

Resource Required for (apart from meetings)

ETs (bold)/ Linked With


Complete Guide for Operational Ocean Forecasting systems

- Live document (secure)
- Guide, first draft

- Establish a process

Contents – description of content

- Submissions from member centres

Alistair Sellar

Frank Bub

Gary Brassington

Guimei Liu

- Nov’12 to Oct'13: chapter writing

-Expert review by ETOOFS and consolidation into draft document (2014)

- 2015: international review

-2016: Publication

ETOOFS-4 (Mar’13)


National Agencies


Observational requirements:

- Updated SoG documents
- Contribute to the RRR

- Establish survey documents based on SoG and RRR

Formulating more specific requirements for ocean observations on the basis of improved understanding of data utility

-Contributing to the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) for marine and coastal communities

Guimei Liu

Sudheer Joseph

Shiro Ishizaki

Gary Brassington

- SOG updated by PoC (Mar'12)

- SoG appoved by ET-EGOS-7 (May12)

(May '12)

(Jul' 14)


National Agencies OPA/OCG


Performance Monitoring:

- Universally acceptable ocean model monitoring system

- ETOOFS member model-model comparisons

- Improved understanding of members’ model skills and weaknesses

- Establish data collection and analyses system

- Conduct routine metric comparisons

- Present results

Frank Bub

Gary Brassington





National Agencies and ocean forecast providers


Ocean Extremes Monitoring System

Establish the first set of metrics and thresholds to identify ocean extremes for OOFS


 -Define the scope 

-Define objectives 

-Define the methodology

-Establish first set of metrics

Gary Brassington

 Alistair Sellar

Franck Bub

-Definition of ocean extremes (Mar'13)

– Establish first metrics and review (2014)

– Consolidate and document in “the Guide”(2015)






Coordination in Seasonal Climate Forecast System

Establish (e.g., common datasets, formats, variables, climatology) for ocean model guidance from OOFS and CFS

- Establish common metrics for ocean model performance (OOFS, CFS)

Coordinated/integrated ocean observing requirements for both OOFS and CFS as input to the RRR process

Establish common (output) requirements for ocean model guidance from OOFS/CFS

-Coordinate gathering ocean forecasting service requirements from “ocean weather” and climate users

-Coordinate on ocean observing requirements

-Articulating requirements for integrated applications of altimeter data 

 Guimei Liu

- ET-ELRF meeting: ETOOFS liaison to participate

- ETOOFS-4: ET-ELRF rep. to participate

ETOOFS (Oct’10)



national forecasting centers 





Wave and Surge Climate Services

Establishment of an extreme wave data set, in conjunction with ICOADS

Establishment of a storm surge data set, in cooperation with GLOSS

Contribution to the IPCC AR5 on future wave climate projection

Develop a revised plan for extreme wave dataset (with ETMC)

Establish a pilot project (USUKCanada) for initial extreme wave data set

Develop a questionnaire for Members/Member States to document their storm surge forecasting models

-Develop a plan for a storm surge climatology data set

Contribute analysis results and journal papers in support of the IPCC AR5

Kevin Horsburgh

Val Swail

Scott Woodruff

Develop questionnaire for storm surge models, data bases (May’13)

Questionnaire results analyzed (Dec’13)

ETMC (Dec’12)

ETWCH (May’13)

COWCLIP progress meeting/workshop (Oct’13)

13th Waves Workshop and 4th Coastal Hazard Symposium (Oct’13)





DMPA groups




Implement recomendations from JCOMM Storm Surge Symposium

- Support related S&T fora

Plan and conduct the 2nd JCOMM Storm Surge Symposium

Support ESA Storm Surge Project(s) and UNESCO NIO storm surge project

Organize 13th Wave Workshop and 4th Coastal Hazards Symposium

-Liaison with tsunami warning system activities

Kevin Horsburgh

Val Swail 

Don Resio

Boram Lee

NIO Final Project Workshop (India, Oct’13)

-ESA Storm Surge project meetings (Sep’12, Apr’13 )

Plan for 2nd SS Symposium (to be held after 2013)

13th Wave Workshop and 4th Coastal Hazards Symposium (Oct'13)





Environment Canada





Develop and update guidance documents

-Revised Guide to Wave Analysis and Forecasting (WMO-No. 702)

-Dynamic parts of wave and storm surge guides online

Contributions to and review as appropriate other related Manuals and Guides

- Promote the provision of improved sea state products among the issuing services

Update dynamic part of guides as necessary (ET input)

Contribution on wave forecasting to GDPFS

Develop wave model and data base questionnaire to be completed by Members/Member States

Kevin Horsburgh 

Val Swail 

Andrew Saulter

Update dynamic Storm Surge Guide: SSS papers online (Jun’13); storm surge survey results online (Dec’13)

- Develop wave model and data base questionnaire (May’13)

Update RRR and SoG (Jun’13)

- Contribution to QMS report on marine forecasting competencies (Sep’13)






Wave Forecast Verification

Contribution to improved operational wave forecasts

- Expansion of the Wave Forecast Verification Exchange Project in coordination with the ESA GlobWave project

Review & update wave measurement requirements as necessary

Expand number of global and regional participants

-Expand verification scope to spatial, spectral, satellite

Jean Bidlot

Hendrik Tolman

ETWCH (May’13)

- Plan for expansion to spectral and satellite intercomparison (May’13)


JCOMM IV (May'12)

GlobWave meeting (Nov’12)








Wave measurment evaluation and test

- Guidance on best practices for wave measurement to WIGOS/WIS

-Lead DBCP Pilot Project on wave measurement evaluation and test (PP-WET)

-Review & update wave measurement requirements as necessary

- Participate in, and provide guidance to inter-comparison exercise & analysis

Val Swail

Bob Jensen

Boram Lee

-Establish Terms of reference for ongoing coordination group (Sep’13)

 - Continue analysis and online dissemination of inter-comparison results (ongoing)








Environment Canada



Capacity Development

Support development of training material

- Suport training and workshops

- Publish the Guide for Ocean Forecast Systems

- Support TCP-JCOMM training workshops on wave and surge forecasting

- Support Ice Analysts Workshops

- Support for sea-ice training documentation and courses

Kevin Horsburgh

Boram Lee

Vasily Smolyanitsky

 Gary Brassington

-Marine Forecasting training workshop (Dakar, Mar'14)

- 9th and 10th JCOMM-TCP Training Workshops on Storm Surge and Wave Forecasting (TBD)

4th JCOMM “Ice Analysts Workshop” (Helsingki, Jun'14)

- 2nd Maritime Safety Services Enhancement Workshop (Wellington, Aug'14) 


ETMSS-4 (Feb'13)

ETSI-5 (Mar'14)

IAW-4 (Jun'14)

MSS-2 (Aug'14)









Coastal Inundation Forecast Demonstration Project (CIFDP)

 Provide an example of cooperative work as a strategy for building improved operational forecast and warning capability for coastal inundation, combining extreme waves, surges and river flooding events that can be sustained by the responsible national agencies

-Develop national sub-projects for countries which establish a national agreement

-Continuously revise and update the CIFDP Implementation Plan (IP) and progress in national sub-projects

-Continuously review and update technical recommendations, and identified national/regional requirements

Val Swail

Don Resio

Boram Lee

-Review CIFDP-B and  CIFDP-DR phase 1 (Dec'12)

- initiate CIFDP-F (for Fiji) phase 1 (Feb'12)

-Consider possible new sub-projects - Indonesia (May’13), South Africa (May’13)

 JCOMM IV (May'12)

Project Steering Group meeting #4 (Feb’13)





 Revision overall structure of WMO No. 558 & WMO No. 471 and preparation guidelines for Members applying for Preparation / Issuing Service

– Updated documentation

 –Update documentation

Henri Savina 

Ming Ji

Nick Ashton

Neal Moodie

John Parker

Tim Rulon

 - New guidelines for circulating among Issuing Services (Jun' 13)

- Revision of overall structure and recommendations (Dec' 13)




SFSPA chair & Vice-chair




 Standardization format(s) for met-ocean MSI in text format

– Updated documentation

 – Updated documentation

 Henri Savina

Neal Moodie

John Parker

Vasily Smolyanitsky

Bruce Hackett

Giovanni Copinni

 – First set of guidelines (Jun' 14)    





Update the joint Manual on MSI and IMO Resolution A.705

- Updated documentation

-Update documentation, in cooperation with IHO

Henri Savina

Nick Ashton

- Annual IHO doc review meetings (2014,...)

 Annual IHO/WWNWS session (2014,...)

 ETMSS-4 (Feb'13)

IHO/WWNWS-5 (Oct'13)



SFSPA vice-chair



Conduct online Survey every 2 years

- User survey and analysis on new and existing services

- Documented user requirements

-Conduct surveys on user requirements every 2 years

Analyze survey data

-Update the survey as appropriate

Henri Savina

Review and adapt, if appropriate, the questionnaire – ETMSS-4 (Feb' 2013)

- Finalization of next questionnyire (Sep' 13)

-Analysis of responses  (Feb'/March 2014)

 IHO/WWNWS-5 (Oct' 2013)




WMO Secreteriat



Disseminate MSI on GTS and GMDSS website

- Inclusion of significant part of the MSI prepared for NAVTEX dissemination

- Link to graphical products (e.g., IPY website)

Make necessary arrangements for the availability of the NAVTEX products on the GTS

Collection of metadata related to the NAVTEX products

Henri Savina

Ongoing activity




 all Member States concerned


Catalogue on Met-Ocean Object Class for ENC and e-Navigation

Met-Ocean object class for parameters included in MSI (wind, wave height, etc…) and additional met-ocean parameters (surface current,…), based on templates from the Ice Objects Catalogue.

 - Establish the first version of the catalogue for registration in IHO S-10x

- Engage with IHO and TSMAD for the creation of a IHO Domain for a Met-Ocean Feature Catalogue

Henri Savina 


 Finalize the met-ocean object class (Jun' 14)

 ETMSS-4 (Feb' 2013)









Facilitate implementation of QMS among members of the provision of MSS

-COMET training module for QMS

-Pilot QMS projects at developing NMHSs

Develop COMET training module for QMS

Initiate pilot projects at developing NMHS to implement QMS practice

Henri Savina

Bryan Boarse

COMET training module (TBD)









Develop guidelines for marine volcanic ash advisory

- Update WMO documentation

- Implementation by Members/Members State, especially for the GMDSS

Preparation for guidance material and update WMO documentation

Henri Savina

Tim Rulon 

- Consultation with secretariat for CBS, CAeM on ongoing activities and interaction with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Committee (VAAC)(Apr'13)

- Prepare a guidelines (Dec'13)

- If appropriate, update of the WMO documentation (2014/2015)

ETMSS-4 (Feb'13)




WMO Secreteriat


Identify measures to provide marine navigational warnings for severe solar magnetic storms

Update WMO documentation

Implementation of service for IHO

 Preparation for guidance document

Implementation of the organization between the appropriate Met. Centre(s) and the NAVAREA Co-ordinators

Henri Savina

Tim Rulon 

Maria Aarino-Frisk

- Prepare a guideline for NMS that are in charge of providing relevant information for Navigational warnings (Dec' 13)

- When agreed, update of the Joint IMO/IHO/WMO and of the WMO documentations (2014/2015)


(Oct '13)





Development of Ocean Emergency Response Support Capability

- Report on the best practice in dispersion modeling in the global ocean of radioactive material and recommendations for improving the service for any identified gaps between current best practice and user requirements

- Assist the TT & SCG to enhance marine pollution emergency response, with a focus on radioactive material discharge

- Review the current capabilities of oceanic dispersion modelling and prediction within MPI areas and identify best practices

- Assist the TT & SCG to liaise with international organisations including IMO,, other, to identify the the requirements for oceanic discharge of radioactive hazards and make recommendations for addressing the gaps in current best practice

-To assist in coordination to update website for dispersion products and services 

Pierre Daniel

Marina Tonani

- Report to the TT and SCG on current capabilities and best practice in dispersion modelling (Mid 2014)

- Work with the TT to submit to the SCG a draft proposal for an international framework for responses to marine radioactive material discharge (Mid 2014)

- Assist the TT complete MPERSS update (end 2014)








National agencies and forecast providers

GODAE Ocean View





Develop oceanic radioactive hazard tracking system foe enhanced MPRESS 

- Work with the TT to submit to the SCG a proposal to streamline the global coordination of marine environmental emergency responses

- Enhance the visibility and recognition of MPERSS services outside the WMO (e.g., IMO, IAEA)

- In cooperation with the TT and ETOOFS, update the user requirements for MPERSS

- Coordination with TT, SCG, AMOCs, RSMCs on an oceanic radioactive hazmat tracking framework

- Develop a proposal for the global coordination of marine environmental emergency responses in cooperation with the TT & SCG

Nick Ashton

Henri Savina

Bruce Hackett

-Submit the proposal to SCG (end 2014)


ETMSS-4 (Mar'13) 










Support and enhance the polar components of GMDSS

− Ensure ice information is available for mariners around the world.
− Increase the availability of graphic products.
− Ensure the Polar Code has appropriate recommendations related to navigation in ice-infested waters.


− Support for operational exchange of information for consistent ice information within GMDSS
− Harmonization of format of the bulletins,
− Develop standards for provision of iceberg information.
− Exchange and transition experience to all METAREAs and sub-AREAs / regions with ice or icebergs.
− Hold regular workshops to improve consistency of products and increase knowledge on topics relevant to mariners.
− Develop, test and implement updates to ice in SafetyNET and NAVTEX standards supporting graphic presentation of information as appropriate.
− Support safe operations in ice infested waters by providing input on ice related to Polar Code development to IMO.

Darlene Langlois

Nick Hughes

Vasily Smolyanitky

Beatriz Lorenzo

− provide input into the Polar Code (May'14) 

− METAREA Preparation and Issuing Services to discuss formats and standards; METAREA bulletin ice information for the Southern hemisphere (Fall'14)

− ice information from issuing services available in shape format on ice server (Mar'15)

− Provision of ice information METAREA bulletins for the southern hemisphere (Fall'15)

ETSI-V (Nov'13) 

IAW-4 (Jun'14)

MSS-2 (Aug'14)

IICWG (Chile, Oct'14)





Preparation for METAREAS with Floating ice


Support and enhance ENC/Electronic chart Display Information System (ECDIS) for ice navigation

- Wide usage on ships of ice charts
- Capability at National Ice Services to produce ice in S-10x and S-57

Formal management of Ice Objects Catalogue and S-411

- Interact with ENCS manufacturers and OGC to develop software to accept ice data
- Support National ice services to develop capability and to begin production of S-4xx data files

- Support implementation of MetOcean Catalogue as S-4xx



Juergen Holfort

Vasily Smolyanitky

Draft S-411 and presentation to IICWG (Oct’2012) 

- Preparation of a portrayal registry for parameters of the ice objects catalog (2013)

- Formalization of documentation and reports to ETSI-V (Mar’14), IICWG (Oct'13 and 2014) and TSMAD (Jun'13 and further)

- increased availability of ice charts in S-411 (2014)

- Report to IHO-HSSC (Nov'14)


ETSI-V (Nov' 12)

IICWG (Oct' 13-14)

TSMAD (Jun' 13)








Maintain and update sea ice technical documentation

Harmonization and updates to WMO ice documentation following progress in ice in ECDIS standards 

- Updates to WMO ice standards in parts of river/lake ice/point/linear/gridded objects

- Documentation on ice observations and best practices

- Updates to "Sea Ice Nomenclature" (WMO-No.259) catching harmonization (Vol I – "Terminoloy" and Vol III - "International system of sea-ice symbols") and training issues ( vol. II - "Illustrated Glossary")

- Updates to sea ice exchange and presentation formats ("SIGRID-3: a vector archive format for sea ice charts", WMO/TD-No. 1214 and "Ice Chart colour code standard" WMO/TD-No. 1215)

- Developing "Understanding and Identifying Old Ice in Summer", "Manual for Ice Experts – Ice Observers" and others docs (e.g. Canadian MANICE) as the new WMO sea publications for sea ice observations and analysis

-Provide harmonization across the sea ice standards arising from adopted additions

Vasily Smolyanitky

Darlene Langlois


Finalize and adopt additions to WMO-No.259 arising from the “Ice Objects Catalogue” version 5.1” (Nov' 13)

Finalize additions on ice objects arising from end-users, Cryonet and ice observations requirements

 ETSI-V (Nov' 13)

IICWG (2014)




CryoNet team 


 Support for Sea ice climatology and ice information systems

Updated semicentennial and longer sea ice 'blended' climatology

- Availability of sea ice operational and historical metadata and material in WIS, Cryonet and other information systems and as geoservices

– Regular (weekly – monthly - annual) input to GDSIDB ice charting archive in standard WMO formats from contributing ice services / centers
– Annual reprocessing of data, update of climatology, assessment of uncertainties and comparison with passive microwave
– Coordination of development of protocols and procedures for sea ice charting metadata/material availability in WIS, Cryonet, static NetCDF, geoservices, etc and supporting documentation

Vasily Smolyanitky

Caren Panowicz


- Report to IICWG-14 meeting (Reykjavik, Oct'13)

Report to Cryonet ('13)

- Report to ETSI and decision on information systems and access (Nov 2013)

(ETSI-5, Mar'14) 





CryoNet team


 Task Team on JCOMM Coordination for Marine Environmental Emergency Responses

- A draft proposal for an international framework for  responses to marine radioactive material discharge, as well as a JCOMM work plan

- Submit to the SCG a proposal to streamline the global coordination of marine environmental emergency responses

 - Review available technologies for modeling, forecasting, and operational support of radioactive material discharge in marine environments

- Assist the SCG to liaise with international organizations, including IMO, IAEA and others, on the requirements for the delivery of information in support of radioactive material discharge

- Review the current framework for MPERSS for the high seas

Nick Ashton 

 - Draft proposal for an international framework for  responses to marine radioactive material discharge ( mid 2014)

- Proposal to streamline the global coordination of marine environmental emergency responses (end 2014)







WMO & other UN Agencies as appropriate


 Enhancing the integrated ice services and forecasting

- enhanced ice services following user-requirements

- enhanced ice diagnostic and forecast products beyond the ice charting

- input to MPERSS implementation in Polar Regions

 - tracking and summarizing requirements to input data (current and perspective spaceborne information and ground observations) and products; 

- updates (every ~1-2 years) of national best practices in “Sea-Ice Information Services in the World” (WMO-No.574), preferably compatible with the WMO-No. 9, Volume D;

- exchange and transition of experience in ice analysis, forecasting and harmonization of practices across the Services, training for developing Ice Services, including support for regular “Ice Analysts Workshops” and “Ice Assimilation Workshops”.

Antti Kangas

 Nick Hughes

 - 4th "Ice Analysts Workshop" (Jun/Jul 2013 or later)

- further updates to WMO-No.574 (mid 2013, 2015)

- Update to WMO RRR

IICWG-14 (Oct'2013, Iceland)

 ETSI-5 (Mar'14)

IICWG (Chile, 2014)



IICWG and AARI for oil spills



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